Thames Anglican Church



Vestry Officers

Secretary  Kate Jones             Minute Secretary  Brenda Deed 

Treasurer Fiona White             Parish Recorder Margaret Smith  



News of Interest

We Did It! - Global Climate Change Rally worldwide

Last week, the largest mobilisation on climate change in history.

Together, we made history, but it's just the beginning. The crucial Paris climate summit is 15 months from now -- that's where we need a global deal. By March next year, countries have pledged to make their national commitments -- so our movement will divide to focus on these national targets. But every few months until Paris we'll come together globally again and again, bigger and bigger, to beat a drum for change, for 100% clean energy, that our leaders can only follow. The movement we've been waiting for has begun.

This is Melbourne!

This is New York, This was what 80 city blocks of New York city looked like.